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Software Developer EGNOS V3 (f/m/d) (München) 10-01-2020
Project Manager for Restricted Information Projects (d/m/w) (Donauwörth) 10-01-2020
MRO Engineer (d/m/w) (Donauwörth) 10-01-2020
IFF SW Architect (m/w/d) (München) 09-01-2020
Embedded Softwareentwickler (m/w/d) (München) 09-01-2020
Software Tester (w/m/d) Luftfahrt (Miesbach ) 07-01-2020
Equipment-Ingenieur für EF Missionscomputer und Sensoren (d/m/w) (Manching) 07-01-2020
SW Engineer Manned-Unmanned Teaming (f/m/d) (Manching) 07-01-2020
Software Engineer - Mission Data Generation (f/m/d) (Manching) 07-01-2020
Systems Engineer - Eurofighter Ground Mission Systems (d/m/w) (Manching) 07-01-2020
EDRS MOC V2 - Software Engineer / Developer (f/m/d) (München) 07-01-2020
IT Projekt Manager (w/m/d) (ULM) 07-01-2020
Metallic material and process engineer (d/m/w) (Donauwörth) 07-01-2020
Supply Manager A400M Operational Retrofit (f/m/d) (Manching) 07-01-2020
Rig Equipment Manager (d/m/w) (Donauwörth) 07-01-2020
System Engineer Avionics / Optronics (d/m/w) (Donauwörth) 07-01-2020
System Engineer Avionics / Optronics (d/m/w) (Donauwörth) 07-01-2020
EDRS Mission Operations Centre (MOC) Operator (f/m/d) (München) 07-01-2020
Integration and Test Engineer Meteor Weapon Service (f/m/d) (Manching) 07-01-2020
NH90 Functional and System Design Responsible (FDR/SDR) (d/m/w) (Donauwörth) 07-01-2020
IV&V Systemingenieur (m/w/d) Avionik (Immenstaad) 07-01-2020
Softwareentwickler C++ mit Automotive Erfahrung (m/w/d) (München) 07-01-2020
C++ / QT Software Entwickler (m/w/d) (Unterhaching) 07-01-2020
Systemingenieur IFF (m/f/d) (München) 07-01-2020
Projektsystemingenieur für SSR/ Identification friend or foe (m/w/d)) (München) 07-01-2020
Entwicklungsingenieur - Selbstschutzsysteme für Luftfahrzeuge (m/w/d) (München) 07-01-2020
Software Ingenieur SUZ NH90 (d/m/w) (Donauwörth) 07-01-2020
Werkstudent Requirements Engineering (w/m/d) (Ottobrunn ) 07-01-2020
Eurodrone - System Architect Support Systems Engineering (m/w/d) (Manching) 07-01-2020
Junior Requirements Manager (m/w/d) (München) 07-01-2020
Initiativ Bewerbung / Initiative Application 07-01-2020
Software Engineer Embedded (m/w/d) (München) 07-01-2020
Java Software Engineer (m/w/d) (Athen Greece) 07-01-2020
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